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Energy Innovation Centre

About Energy Innovation Centre


The Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) was launched in 2008 to accelerate the discovery, development and deployment of innovation among the transmission and distribution network operators that power our homes and businesses.


Our energy world is rapidly changing. Gas and electricity network operators have an important role to play in our transition to a low carbon future. This change creates unprecedented challenges and opportunities and as a result, the energy industry needs to become more customer centric, competitive and efficient.

This calls for new ways of thinking and working, an open approach to innovation and to the delivery of outcomes that will benefit customers and stakeholders. Indeed, each UK network operator’s performance is measured in this area through the RIIO regulatory framework which is closely monitored by the industry regulator, Ofgem.


The EIC support the innovation ambitions of industry partners from the gas, electricity and renewables sectors by helping them to discover good technologies that meet their challenges. They do this by constantly searching for new ideas from around the world that have the potential to be game-changing for energy consumers, the supply chain and the industry itself.

Once they have identified these bright ideas and clever technologies, they help the people behind them to get access to the large energy companies that can help propel these innovations to the next stage in their development. For their partners from the transmission and distribution networks, this creates a pipeline of new technologies that can be adopted quickly into business as usual.

This open innovation model generates win-win outcomes for innovators and energy network operators their stakeholders, and lies at the heart of what makes the EIC unique within the sector.